The Integrated Marketing Association (IMA) in partnership with Broadsuite Media Group (BMG) offers several marketing services to companies wanting to reach marketing, human resources, information technology and business executives around the world.

Below is a short list of assets we have to offer.

  • 160 million global contact records
  • 1+ million social media followers
  • 5 online publications
  • 1 research company
  • 40+ writers and social media managers

Below is a short list of services we have to offer.

  • Cost per lead programs
  • Webinar production
  • Dedicated email services
  • Custom research
  • Content creation and distribution
  • Social influencer program
  • Sales automation programs (Data and Software as a Service)
  • Marketing automation programs (Data and Software as a Service)

Why work with IMA and the BMG team?

In addition to our talented team of writers and social media managers, we offer free use of our data which saves your limited budget for more important tasks like content creation while providing you with expanded reach.

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