Every industry has its own set of awards and recognitions, and winning one can give businesses more than bragging rights—it can also serve as a worthwhile marketing and public relations strategy. Winning awards bolsters credibility, as the process hinges upon gaining validation from a third party.Business can leverage awards for both the company and its key personnel.

Winning awards as part of a marketing strategy takes effort and planning. Depending on the type of award and the organization making the selection, the process can be lengthy and may involve multiple submissions.  To begin the process, businesses can consider soliciting nominations from loyal customers or industry leaders. It’s also important to choose the right award programs, focus on company-wide or individual strengths, and be cognizant of the awards key competitors have received.

Besides the obvious benefits of winning awards—paving the way for future investments, boosting a business’s list of credentials, contributing to a climate ripe for future sales, and increasing the opportunities for partnerships down the road—it can also serve as a gift that keeps giving. Often, receiving an industry award will pave the way for additional media coverage in outside publications that reflect positively on a business and provide an opportunity for curation as part of a robust content marketing strategy.

In addition to content curation and creation, marketers and PR professionals can consider sending out press releases, promoting the awards on social media, and adding the information to sales presentations or marketing collateral. Often, the body presenting the award will provide a logo and assorted templates for these purposes. Information about the award—and more information on why that particular business was chosen to win—can also provide excellent material for link-filled email marketing campaigns or blog posts.Historically, award programscreated a great deal more work than many organizations had anticipated. However, today there are many award management software solutions to help manage these programs. These solutions can help you manage the collection, payment, judging and overall management of any award program you might want to host reducing the cost and resources required to run an awards program. Please visit our Martec Showcase for a list of these solutions.

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