Business blogging is the act of regularly creating relevant content and posting it online to a professional blog, or the dedicated section of a website that holds these online articles in categorized and/or sequential order. Blog content can be short form or long form, the latter of which is often preferred by modern search algorithms. Blogging is an activity completed in addition to regular website content additions, as it’s an opportunity for businesses to both bring value to their readers and humanize their brand by giving it a voice. In short, a blog is truly another marketing channel aimed at driving traffic, collecting leads, and ultimately gaining conversions as a result of the calls to action (CTAs) that close many posts.

Blogging is a cornerstone of an effective marketing strategy because it increases online visibility by boosting placement on search engine results pages (SERPs). The process accomplishes this covetable goal by harnessing the power of a skillful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Blogging and SEO go well together because those blog posts have long lives, thereby driving long-term results. One post can continue to drive traffic weeks, months, and even years after it was posted.

In addition, business blogging increases the likelihood that consumers will engage with a brand, as they’re often encouraged to comment on or share relevant posts on their social media feeds. Blogging also demonstrates a thought leader’s expertise or passion and helps them build authority with their audience and within their industry.

Businesses can use their blogs to introduce new products or services, make important company announcements, or profile important people within their organizations. As a staple of content marketing, though, blogging is not always company-centric. Often, posts are written without sales-speak, serving to inform, engage, and ultimately bring value to the reader. Two tips worth mentioning about blogging: If you are going to blog make sure you are committed. If a prospect visits your blog and your last post was 6 months ago it can leave a negative impression for that visitor and impact your overall brand. Lastly, if you want your blog to rank well in search engines and let’s face it, who doesn’t then be prepared to write more than 500 words. Well thought out blog posts with lots of utility and value to the reader will always rank better in search engines than content with little purpose. There are literally hundreds of blogging platforms to choose from so we have assembled a list on Martec Showcase to help you find the right solution.

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