4INFO is a leading identity and engagement solutions company.  Born in mobile, 4INFO’s platform features the patented Bullseye ID®— a persistent match key that maps all connected devices in a household to valuable consumer data for marketing insights, targeting and measurement. With unprecedented accuracy, reach and scale, 4INFO’s platform has been proven effective by more than 450 independent measurement studies. Hundreds of brands have relied on 4INFO, including eight of the top 10 CPG companies, six of the 10 largest retailers, seven of the top 10 financial services companies, the five largest auto manufacturers and six of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies. 4INFO is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., with offices in New York, Chicago and Detroit.

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Website: https://www.4info.com/
Email: cmoxley@4info.com
Social LinkedIn – Twitter  – Facebook  – YouTube
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Phone:(650) 350-4800

Founded year: 2004

Case Studies


  • Achieve greater onboarding scale, especially in mobile, proven to map 3X to 6X as many mobile devices vs. other solutions, which were built for a tethered, desktop world.
  • Map more people to more data by using home address, the most persistent and effective match key, as our match key to data—avoiding the loss others experience using email address as the initial match key.
  • Accurately map the widest range of other digital identifiers such as IP address, cookies and email address, making more connected devices and device types addressable than others.
  • Mapping with the accuracy of deterministic methods, critical for effective people-based marketing, accurate audience delivery, and people-based measurement.

Pricing Options: CPM, Subscription, Licensing and Managed Services

Technical Expertise Required: Options for all levels from Beginner to Advanced

Typical Installation Time: Depending on service type: Days or Weeks

Training Offered:  Personalized 1-1

Support Offered: Online, Phone

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