Trade Show Marketing


Trade shows are exhibitions where businesses in an industry showcase their products or services to potential consumers. Trade shows are often an avenue for companies to debut new products in front of an engaged, targeted audience. As such, they can be a valuable tool for marketing, as well as building relationships and connections with potential customers.

Trade shows are not typically open to the public. Rather, representatives from various companies in a specific industry attend the shows, which a trade association for that industry sponsors. They are a particularly useful marketing tools for B2B companies, where suppliers and manufacturers can present products and services to representatives from the businesses that comprise their market.

For businesses looking to find and attract new customers, trade shows can be incredibly valuable. Not only do they allow a company to present new products and services without the need to make cold calls, but trade shows also facilitate one-on-one interactions between sales representatives and potential buyers, establishing relationships that the sales representative can follow up on later, once the exposition has ended.

Industry tradeshows offer marketers the ability to  gain a significant amount of exposure to  a  targeted audience for their products and services.

Statistics list trade shows as one of the top three performing marketing strategies for B2B Marketers. Consumers willing to spend their time and money to attend a tradeshow typically have more buying intent and  offer the potential for a much greater return on marketing investment

Because trade shows are popular and frequent, companies interested in trade show marketing can easily find one that caters to their specific industry and demographic, often at a relatively close distance that can help cut travel expenses. This online trade show directory makes it easy for companies to find trade shows.

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