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Content marketing is the strategic use of written words, imagery, and video in marketing materials to reach and maintain a connection with a target audience. Features of content marketing weave themselves throughout most other marketing strategies, but as a strategy on its own, it may refer to the creation and maintenance of a singular voice, type of content, and dissemination method.

Consider content as the substance or fuel of a marketing campaign. It fills every activity and performs the heavily lifting. Other marketing activities including SEO, website design, and product placement provide the framework or bones behind a successful content marketing strategy.

Diversification, relevance, and value are key concepts within a content marketing strategy. To reach a defined audience, marketers need to develop content across several different marketing channels. Modern consumers will quickly leave digital websites that offer little to no value, and Google and other search engines will penalize irrelevant sites accordingly. Effective content marketing will be engaging, entertaining, and/or informational.

Content assets may include social media posts, blog posts, white papers, third-party published articles, eBooks, videos, infographics, podcasts, and user-generated pieces (videos, reviews, etc.). Marketers and content specialists are responsible for creating a seamless brand experience and meeting customer expectations across a variety of content assets. They use audience metrics, research, and physical structures to draw a viewer’s eye to actionable information without creating a salesy or gimmicky experience.

The goals of content marketing strategies vary widely. Some businesses use content solely as a means of improving search engine rankings for visibility, while others are interested in building a long-lasting relationship with audience members. Content often supports other marketing goals such as brand reach and awareness, acquisition, and retention. It may or may not directly support sales goals, and often serves as a long-term strategy for brand sustainability.

IMA has comprised a list of various content marketing tools on Martec Showcase designed to help you with everything from curation to copyright management.

IMA also offers content marketing, training, and consulting services.

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