Copywriting describes the process of crafting written content that ultimately encourages readers to act. This content can take a variety of digital forms, such as website copy, emails, eBooks, social media posts, landing pages, infographics, blog articles and more. In addition, copywriting is essential to traditional marketing campaigns, as it is the technique behind the drafting of catchy advertisements, slogans, content on print collateral, and more. In short, if a brand wants to convey its message to its audience through content—and wishes for them to perform an action as a result—copywriting is involved.

Some companies have on-staff copywriters. Others outsource the work to the growing network of freelance copywriters catering to the marketing space. Either way, effective copywriting is a type of inbound marketing that serves a purpose: It delivers quality content that is relevant, unique, optimized, and—above all—effective. It’s a delicate balance, as effective copywriting is jargon-free yet uses SEO-friendly keywords when it makes sense. It involves delivering a brand’s message in such a way that readers feel compelled to take the intended action, building connections while adding value.

It’s important to note that copywriting is both different than and essential to content marketing, another common marketing tactic. At its core, copywriting encourages readers to take specific actions. Those actions don’t always involve purchasing, either—they can include calling, subscribing, or reaching out for more information. In comparison, content marketing is a big-picture strategy that uses a variety of content—sometimes copywritten in nature—to inform, attract, and engage a brand’s audience. The two are closely connected: It’s nearly impossible to have a successful content marketing strategy without employing some type of copywriting, and copywritten content wouldn’t be so in demand without the rise in popularity of content marketing. If you are looking for copywriting tools you might want to check out Martec Showcase for copywriting tools here and professional services or our vendor directory here.

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