How To Improve Your Business Using Mobile Stats [infographic]

How To Improve Your Business Using Mobile Stats [infographic]

Mobile phones have been around for nearly 45 years but in the last decade there have been a few massive developments, including access to the web and application development. With stats from we can use this insight into the mobile world to aid our marketing campaigns and discover our target markets.

Social Media

Our social media platforms are integral to the success of our businesses, the following statistics show how many people your content could be exposed to if targeted correctly.

Facebook has an estimated 9,999,993 daily users and 1,400,007,781 daily likes.

Twitter boasts an estimated 10,364,173 daily tweets.

Instagram has almost 250,000,710 daily photos uploaded.

Snapchat has an estimated 10,000,057,806 daily video views.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Creating marketing campaigns can be tricky. Who do you target? Where do you target them? In recent years, social media marketing has often been the most cost effective and impactful, especially with the rise of mobile phone usage.

With Facebook boasting a whopping number of daily likes, we know the audience is already there and waiting, all we need to do is target our niche and watch as the likes roll in. With those thumbs up comes brand recall and customer loyalty.

If your marketing campaign includes video advertisements then ensure they are on a platform that optimizes your content for mobile. With YouTube boasting almost 10 million daily mobile hits, there are plenty of opportunities for your content to be seen and for your brand to grow. Video marketing works even better when they go viral.

Apps are also a great way to promote brand awareness and offer users the chance to take their business with them while they’re on the move. For instance, 75 percent of Gmail users open their emails on their mobiles. It is vital to ensure a great email campaign is optimized for mobile to make sure to reach all of those customers.

When considering our business marketing strategies, we should always research and learn about our competitors. By assessing other companies successes and failures, we can adapt to create our own success stories.

Check out the data from to find out more statistics to help your business grow.

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