How to Use Pinterest to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog: Part 1

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog: Part 1

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog: Part 1


You’re probably asking yourself “isn’t that just for DIY moms”? Keep on reading and then judge for yourself if you still think Pinterest is just for DIY crafties.

  1. BuzzFeed claims that Pinterest is their 2nd largest source of referral traffic
  2. In addition, CoSchedule who dug through data from over one million blog posts found that Pinterest accounts for 90% of social media shares on the web! AMAZING!
  1. According to Pinterest over 14 million articles are being pinned on Pinterest every day. What that means to you is that Pinterest is a beehive of activity for blogs and therefore you want to make sure that your blog is set-up properly for Pinterest so more people share your content.

You won’t believe how many blogs I stumble on that don’t even have the Pinterest social sharing button on it or worse… no images. Many bloggers and publishers are falling behind the times by failing to recognize the power of Pinterest and using it.

Money Making Fact!

Pinterest has helped me get on the first page of Google using my blog posts? I bet you didn’t know that Pinterest can help your business get found on Google huh?

Let me show you the proof.

Type “Pinterest expert” on Google and what do you see?

As of today here’s what it looks like when I search for Pinterest expert. What do you see first? The link to my Pinterest account! Yeehaa!


Go down the list and you’ll see in 3rd spot… my website. Pretty cool huh? Because I consistently rank on the first page of Google an incredible amount of business flows to me from people who find me on Google. What’s even cooler is that all this traffic is free!  And it is all because I know how to post blogs on Pinterest.

If you want to have the same success as I have pay attention to my upcoming series of “how to” blogs in the next few weeks and learn how to duplicate what I’ve done.

Are you ready to begin learning how to get more traffic to your blogs?

I’m going to assume you have a Pinterest account. If not, you can download the first chapter of my Pinterest Marketing for Business online course for free. And learn how to get set up correctly.

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog

  1. Install the save button to the main image featured in your blog so any potential customers who find your blog can add your image to their Pinterest profile.


Place the save button just under the image (as shown below) OR on the image itself on your blog post.

Get the Pinterest save button here.

Pinterest Expert Actionable Tip:

The save button sends an immediate invitation to save your content on Pinterest from your website and blogs. The more people who save your content the better and…you will rank higher on Pinterest’s search engine.

Some of you might think we’ll I already have plug-ins for social sharing why bother. Well, because it gives them one more little nudge to share your stuff.

  1. Install the Pinterest board widgets within your blog post to help you get more followers.

Get the Pinterest board widget here.

Pinterest Expert Actionable Tip:

Choose a board widget that compliments the theme of your blog post. Always think “How can I help my target audience”?

In this blog post I chose a board dedicated to helping bloggers who are just starting out. What’s cool about the board widget is that it can help you grow your followers because of the call to action on the bottom of the board widget “Follow on Pinterest”.

I typically choose the custom option so it fits perfectly on the page.

Place the Pinterest board widgets between paragraphs to help break up the text because that makes it easier for your readers to consume your content. Choose a board that is in keeping with the paragraph (as shown below).

Pinterest board

Start with these two steps and you’ll be on the proven path to getting more traffic to your blogs and website.

In summary you have learned that:

  1. Pinterest can help your business get found on Google.
  2. Pinterest accounts for 90% of social media shares on the web.
  3. How to use Pinterest tools like the save button & board widgets to get your more followers and get more people to share your blogs.

Pin this blog post right now and make sure you set a time to fix your blog using my Pinterest actionable tips.

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog: Part 1

In my next blog post you’ll learn several more ways to get more traffic to your blog posts using powerful proven Pinterest marketing tactics.

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    Such wonderful tips!
    Thank you for sharing!

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      Glad your found it the tips wonderful @affordablebyamanda:disqus!

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    August 5, 2017

    Simply brilliant. Thank you so much Anna

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    October 24, 2017

    Thank you so much for sharing. I will definitely implement these tips on my brand new blog, Thanks again!!


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