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July 30, 2018

Apollo is a Revenue Acceleration Platform that powers teams, responsible for new business, to reach the right contacts at the right time, with the perfect message intelligently crafted at speed and scale.   The platform unifies predictive prospecting, sales engagement, and actionable analytics to ensure ambitious companies reach their full revenue potential.

Martech Interview & Demo
  • Shawn Elledge#1

    August 2, 2018

    I have been using Zenprospect (now Apollo) for close to a year now and love it!
    In my opinion, in order to be effective at b2b lead generation, you have to have strong database marketing capabilities. Knowing who to target, being able to find those targets no matter how unique and knowing what to say to those targets is the name of the game. Apollo’s database capabilities are second to none. I can target contacts by the usual selects like job title, seniority, industry, company size, location etc.

    What makes them powerful is the ability to load data into the system that you already own so you don’t burn through your contact credits. The ability to search for companies by keyword is awesome. This is very cool because Apollo stores seo meta tags and social profile so if your keyword is on any of those tag or social sites or even in the company name, you can download those records. I use the open job opening search all of the time for one client in the relocation business. Example, I can search for companies who have 25 or more Vp openings and target those contacts with moving and relocation service messages. You can target by funding announcements and technologies as well. The only thing I wish they would add is SIC and NAICS code selects but other than that, this is THE b2b lead gen platform.

    I don’t have time to get into the actual email platform and crm integration capabilities. Bottom line, do yourself a favor and check out Apollo. Fantastic!

  • Chris Kiersch#2

    August 3, 2018

    We have been running sales lead automation campaigns with the help of Shawn Elledge and the Apollo data & sending infrastructure since January 2018. The results we are experiencing have been astounding. One client who is in the commercial insurance industry has generated over 450 qualified prospects. We initial focused on 4 states in the Midwest, and we were so successful that we expanded their business into 3 additional states. We have a client in the Biotech industry who has added 100 new opportunities, and 256 new qualified leads since April 14, 2018. Similar stories in transportation, and not-for-profit fundraising.

    We have tried several platforms and list sources, Apollo is hands down the best quality with the most flexibility of any platform on the market. Once you get the messaging dialed in, the magic that happens is a beautiful thing.

    Thank you to the IMA for making me aware of this solution, and more importantly, for sharing the best tactics and processes to ensure a high level of engagement and conversions with the opportunities we are now generating.

    Cheers, Chris Kiersch
    My Business Integrated


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