Integrated Marketing


Some marketing strategies focus on certain channels, philosophies, and tactics. Integrated marketing offers a holistic approach. When marketers focus on the customer journey and collaborate with sales professionals, the business can create a seamless and value-driven customer experience focused on outcomes first.

In integrated marketing strategies, companies set aside traditional marketing methods and take a cold hard look at consumer research. Consumer digitalization gives companies extraordinary insights into purchasing behaviors, desires, and brand beliefs. Using that information, businesses can create truly integrated marketing and sales campaigns focused on delivering what consumers want to see most.

Patterns in consumer insights indicate the modern consumer wants more authenticity, personalization, and consistency across marketing and sales activities. Consumers do not want businesses to coddle them. They want to feel involved in the customer journey and build personal relationships with brands. When brands put the customer experience first and align all online marketing, offline marketing, sales, and customer support strategies behind that objective, they can optimize messages and streamline customer journey support.

In a truly integrated marketing campaign, consumers don’t need to explain their needs several times over. The marketing, sales, and customer support teams manage existing customer information and provide seamless support as the customer moves through the purchasing journey.

Businesses must walk a fine line in integrated marketing strategies. Consumers expect a certain level of care, but they also value privacy. Unanticipated text messages or mobile notifications can easily cross the line from helpful to creepy.

Properly integrated marketing strategies not only deliver a better customer experience; they also eliminate workflow inefficiencies. When all customer-facing employees collaborate and focus on the consumer, they eliminate redundancies and strengthen core brand offerings. Integrated marketing brings all other marketing, sales, and customer support tactics together into a cohesive whole.

Shawn Elledge goes into the details on exactly what is Integrated Marketing and the differences between Multi-channel and Omni-channel marketing here.

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