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A landing page is the targeted destination of a consumer’s click. It can be a home page (the most common use of the term), a product page, a promotional page, or any portion of a website directly accessed by clicking on an external hyperlink. Landing page optimization is  a process designed to increase conversion rates.For that reason, landing page optimization is a critical component of conversion rate optimization (CRO), a strategy that encompasses a variety of consumer touchpoints.

There are many tips for landing page optimization, and suggestions for how to do it well vary based on what a particular landing page is designed to accomplish. That said, there are some widely applicable best practices. For example, it’s a common truth that well-constructed landing pages are easy to navigate, feature a strong headline, and have a clear call to action (CTA). In addition, they often include a primary creative element, such as a short video or image, that directly relates to the headline and CTA. Some landing pages also include endorsements, reviews, or other components that build credibility and reinforce the value propositions presented in the headlines and corresponding copy. If the landing page includes a form of some type that requires visitors to input information, that form should be succinct, as easy to use as possible, and accessible on a variety of devices. Progressive forms can be added to a landing page dynamically filling in form fields with known contact attributes like first name last name, email etc. so the user doesn’t have to manually add their information. This is a common practice for marketers using marketing automation platforms that use cookies to identify users.
The point of a successful landing page optimization campaign is to generate leads, so pages are designed to be simple with a clear call to action. For this reason, landing pages often lack some elements of standard websites. For example, an optimized landing page contains a singular CTA, not a variety of options. It contains highlights, not a full list of feature and benefits. In addition, it typically lacks the full site navigation menu. Less is more when it comes to landing page optimization because you don’t want to distract a visitor from your ultimate goal.

Multivariate testing is also common practice when optimizing your landing pages. Multivariate testing is a technique for testing a hypothesis in which multiple variables on a landing page are modified. These modifications can include call to actions, copy, offers, button colors and graphics. The goal of multivariate testing is to determine which combination of variations performs the best out of all of the possible combinations.

We cover some of the more advanced optimization techniques on our conversion optimization section here.

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