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The overarching goal of most marketing teams today is to generate and manage leads that eventually convert, making a positive contribution to a company’s bottom line. Lead management is the process of generating, scoring, nurturing, and distributing  leads through the pipeline to sales. Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) help marketers manage and automate this process or strategy.

The purpose of lead management is to identify and deliver quality leads to the sales team as fast as possible while allowing the marketing automation platform to nurture leads, not sales ready automatically over any given period of time. When unqualified leads get sent to sales teams, both time and resources are wasted. To avoid this scenario, lead management systems are often employed that include processes like the following

  • Defining what constitutes a qualified lead vs a non-qualified lead
  • Determining what metrics will be used to “score” leads—Lead scoring is based on both behavior and demographic profile. (Lead Scoring)
  • Creating content designed to move each persona through the different stages of the buyer journey. (content is the fuel behind any lead management strategy)
  • Determining the actions taken with leads after they have reached various lead scores. (Lead nurturing)
  • Creating a service level agreement between sales and marketing on how leads are managed once they are deemed sales ready.
  • Providing sales access to prospect behavior and data. (Sales Alignment & Enablement)
  • Testing and adjusting the lead management process to for best results(Funnel Velocity) .

Lead management is a complex process, and marketing automation software helps make it easier. Many marketing automation solutions exist, to help businesses keep track of real-time lead management progress, complete repetitive tasks like lead routing and nurturing automatically, and ensure the lead scoring data used accurately reflects if a prospect is a truly qualified lead.

Lead management systems that leverage marketing automation capabilities are must-haves in today’s data-driven, digital marketplace.

IMA features several thought leaders with expertise in lead management and marketing automation. Additionally, Martec Showcase features several marketing automation platforms with customer reviews and in many case online demos you can access 24/7.Please contact us if you are having a hard time choosing which marketing automation platform to choose. IMA is more than glad to help direct you to the right platform based on your particular needs.

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