How to Make More Money on Pinterest


Make more money on Pinterest

Do you want to make more money on Pinterest? You should, because Pinterest means business. $$$

If you are thinking all these Pinterest visitors are solely talking about DIY arts and crafts purchases, food recipes, and pretty things “girls” play with you are totally missing a major ecommerce boat.

Pinterest is a massive business acceleration tool used by over 175 million users daily.

Most people have no idea. (Which means, there is room for you to get the lead on your competition on Pinterest)

How to Make More Money on Pinterest. How does Pinterest lead to sales?

According to a study by Millward Brown, Pinterest plays a huge role in influencing purchases and most Pinners have bought something because of Pinterest.

Fifty-two percent of approximately 1,500 active Pinterest users surveyed agreed that Pinterest helps them find items they want to buy. WOW!

Of that 52 percent who have actively used Pinterest in the past 6 months:

  • Ninety-six percent have used Pinterest to research and gather information
  • Ninety-three percent have used Pinterest to plan for purchases
  • Eight-seven percent have purchased something because of Pinterest
  • The survey also revealed that:

  • Thirty percent of surveyed Pinners said they bought something online
  • Thirty-two percent said they purchased an item in a store after viewing Pinterest content
  • Fifty-two percent said Pinterest helps them find products they want to buy
  • Seventy-five percent said they had visited a retailer or a website after browsing Pinterest
  • Anybody who sells anything eventually has to be on Pinterest because more and more of their target audiences are going there to shop.

How do you make more money with Pinterest?

Study shows that Millennial Moms tend to use Pinterest as a planning tool during key life moments, big and small. In fact, active Pinners are 47 percent more likely to be going through major events in the next six months, from getting married and buying a home, redecorating or re-modelling, to having a baby or planning a special occasion, buying a car and taking a vacation. That’s huge!

According to Shopify: The average order value from sales that come from Pinterest is $50. Higher than any other social. Pinterest is the #2 source of social media traffic to Shopify stores

Driving traffic back to your website or into your stores will lead to new sales transactions. That is what Pinterest does shockingly well from a business perspective.

How to Make More Money on Pinterest

Here are 10 easy ways to leverage the money-making power of Pinterest in your business:  

  1. Add your physical location on your Pinterest profile. If your business has a local brick and mortar component to it, it’s important to let Pinterest users know where you are physically located.
  1. Add the “Save” button. Here’s a Pinterest Save button success story:

The Green Wedding Shoes website focused on making it easy for readers to save Pins directly from their website.

First, they added the Save button to their site and saw pins, followers, and referral traffic grow exponentially. They also got hovering Save buttons so now whenever you mouse over an image on, a Save button appears to subtly remind visitors to save their favorite things to Pinterest.

“Once we integrated Pinterest tools, we saw a considerable uptick in pins from Green Wedding Shoes being shared. Our readers sharing our content made them each promoters of Green Wedding Shoes on Pinterest and freed up our time to share more Pins from around the web and browse our followers’ boards to see what interests them most,” Jason said.

  1. Add a Pinterest tab on your Facebook page. You can get it for free here.

Add the Pinvolve tab for free here. Pinvolve automatically pulls in your latest pins on Pinterest, your Instagram photos, and your Facebook posts and displays them beautifully on your Facebook page.

Pinterest add on Facebook tab

  1. Pin on a daily basis with helpful content that your target audience will want, appreciate and need.

People use Pinterest to design what they want their life to look like, to discover new ideas and to find solutions to their everyday problems. What that means to you as a business is sharing content that will connect to the things that matter most to your target audience.

How to Make More Money on Pinterest is not just about you sharing images of your stuff.  Sorry.  Not even close.

When you pin with the mindset of helpfulness—meaning helping your target audience with the types of typical issues, worries, and problems they deal with every day—you build a bigger following of people who come to trust your brand.  Eventually once they trust you, and like you, they check out your stuff.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the more indirect you are with your selling on Pinterest the faster you have success on Pinterest. Focus as much on helping as selling and you’ll win on Pinterest.

  1. Feature trending topics. Success on Pinterest means creating helpful content in other topics that connect with your audience in different ways. Pinterest is the world’s catalogue of ideas. Users plan, buy, and take action on pins.

Pinterest Expert Actionable Tip: Go to my Pinterest trends board. This will help you find out what the most popular content on Pinterest is and therefore what is worthy of being repinned.

Think about how you can stay on top of the next big trend, and even better—plan ahead.  Armed with that type of data you are in a better position to innovate and decide which products are best to market and carry.


  1. Create a group board to gather market intelligence. Images that are being shared by your target audience say “this is what we want” and “give us more of this”. Wouldn’t direct market feedback help you make better decisions/investments?
  1. Study your competitor’s Pinterest page. You can easily find out what people are pinning from their websites by going to

If they are crushing sales with a product type, style or price point you are missing then you might be able to learn from them and then earn some of those sales back by making changes.

  1. Create a board that features your products and services. Pinterest users have a buying mindset. They literally go on Pinterest to save images of their wish lists.

Pinterest Expert Actionable Tip: Do your best to create images that convey a lifestyle. Avoid just pinning your product images on a white or black background. Boring!

Help Pinterest shoppers visualize how they can incorporate in their every-day life. Why should they care? How does your product help them, look like in use, etc? Are you showing how your products can make their life easier, better, etc?

Shopping stats on Pinterest

  1. Install your Product Rich Pins! Product Pins make shopping easier. They include real-time pricing, availability and where to buy your product. Plus, it’s great for SEO juice and helping you stand out more on Pinterest’s home feed.

No Bounce on Pintrest 

  1. Pinterest marketing is not free. Investment precedes return just like anything else in life.

How to Make More Money on Pinterest means that you need the right kinds images and a team to manage your account properly.

Pinterest mega success is a combination of science, art, and business acumen. It requires skilled experts, a plan, and time. It is not a part time “I’ll get to it whenever I have spare time type job for the young kid in marketing.”

Trying to figure Pinterest out on your own to get more leads, traffic, and sales is probably not the best use of your time because wasting time is wasting money.

Success on Pinterest is already figured out and the blueprint has been made.  It’s done.

There is a magic formula and it is well documented. Why would you or anyone on your team want to waste time re-inventing the wheel?

Get help from a Pinterest expert or take my Pinterest Marketing for Business course online.

The bottom line is Pinterest can drive a new mind boggling amount of referral traffic to your website. That in turn drives new sales.

If you want to learn how to make more money on Pinterest and reap the rewards of Pinterest marketing you need to have a cohesive plan. You can figure it out on your own and waste time you can’t spare, or learn from a proven expert and be up to full speed getting new traffic to your website in less than 30 days.

Pinterest marketing works. Go for it!

Make money on Pinterest

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