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Offline marketing refers to any real-world marketing activities. Offline marketing may use technological assets such as display screens, but the experience is geographically limited.  Examples of offline marketing include billboards, print media, direct mail, radio, television, and telemarketing.

In an increasingly digitized world, many marketers focus most their time on digital marketing efforts. Digital mediums are ubiquitous and marketing within them is often cost-effective and successful. However, traditional forms of media can also build interest and complement online marketing activities.

Today, offline marketing comes in many shapes and sizes. From a bench turned into an opened KitKat Bar to a wall mimicking a can of spilled yellow paint (Nationwide advertisement), people notice offline marketing when they commute to work, go on a jog or head out to go shopping. Because offline marketing activities are real and tangible, they can contribute to the customer experience in a way digital content cannot.

In some cases, marketers marry online and offline marketing assets. For example, QR codes are designed for placement in a physical space – on a sign, on a product, or within a magazine. The symbol means nothing until a consumer sees it and uses a smartphone to access the content. In many cases, offline displays and billboards include a Twitter handle or a website address. Online, a blog or social media post may encourage readers to check out a display at a certain location. Both online and offline marketing materials can refer to each other to drive brand engagement.

Aside from advertisements, offline marketing tactics involve direct mail campaigns, free samples, and interactive events. Brands willing to connect with consumers in the real world may earn new customers, drive online buzz, and build consumer trust. Offline marketing can produce conversions on its own, but many modern brands choose to integrate its tactics with digital marketing efforts for maximum results.

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