Outdoor Advertising


Outdoor advertising describes any type of marketing content that reaches consumers when they are not in their homes. Common applications of outdoor advertising include billboards, messaging placed on public transportation, outdoor digital signage, and point of sale displays, among others.

Also referred to as out-of-home advertising, outdoor advertising can be as effective a way to reach consumers as other mainstream mediums like print, broadcast, and digital. Outdoor advertising works especially well for businesses that can leverage location. After all, it’s hard for consumers to avoid the message they read driving past the same billboard every day to and from work, and that message holds more meaning if it’s local. It’s also important for outdoor advertising to be visually stimulating, memorable, and succinct. A billboard, for example, is not a smart placement for the 25 best highlights from a long-form blog post. Rather, an eye-catching image or background, a punchy synopsis phrase containing key messaging, and the requisite branding is a more effective approach.

Sometimes, outdoor advertising is used to reinforce an existing campaign. Other times, though, it becomes the campaign itself. Because today’s consumers are attached to their cellphones—at last tally, 65 percent of which are internet-ready smartphones—engaging with a consumer via outdoor advertising is now one hashtag or QR code away.

IMA has assembled a list of outdoor advertising firms on our vendor directory.

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