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Pinterest is a social networking site that is based on images. With one click, users can “pin” graphics to their “boards.” These pin boards are often separated by categories of the pins they contain. Users can build a network on the site by following other individuals or brands and “repin” elements to their own boards if they are so inclined.

SocialDraft reports Pinterest has over 100 million daily active users—85 percent of whom are female—who spend an average of 15 minutes per session on the site. Besides serving as a recipe board or an online shopping wish list, the platform also holds tremendous potential for brands. In fact, three-quarters of Pinterest users have made a purchase from a Pinterest link or because they have seen a post there.

Companies can use Pinterest in a variety of ways. Having a complete profile and a robust pinning schedule can mean more leads, site traffic, and conversions for the following reasons:

  • With Pinterest, the path to purchase is shortened. Consumers can often purchase something they’ve pinned with minimal clicks.
  • Because each pin includes the source link, pinning inherently increases the number of inbound links for brands. This increases exposure and the potential for more traffic.
  • Pinterest capitalizes on the success of other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as they are interconnected. In other words, users can post pins on other feeds for maximum reach.
  • Companies can scan relevant Pinterest boards to see what is most popular in their industry, allowing them to identify trends.
  • Brands can place a “pin it” button on their websites to make the sharing process quicker.

To get the most out of Pinterest, brands should optimize pin descriptions and boards with keywords. In addition, it’s important to use the appropriate type of “rich pin” qualifier that includes more information, such as product pins that include pricing and availability or article pins that include the author’s name and content description.

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