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Press release marketing is the practice of posting press releases to communicate brand information to potential customers. Such releases began as a way for a company’s public relations or external relations team to communicate with the media about company-related news items. Now, however, thanks to the growth of internet news channels and the advent of social media, press release marketing has become an extremely effective way for businesses to market directly to consumers online.

Press release marketing is a simple and highly cost-effective strategy. Press releases are not difficult to create or distribute. When a brand effectively optimizes its press releases for distribution through online channels and search engines, the potential for return on investment can be high.

It is important to understand that as press release marketing has grown in popularity with advertisers, it has become a challenge to create truly outstanding press releases that garner a significant amount of attention. Online newswire services, such as PRWeb, routinely send out more than 2,000 press releases daily. To be sure that a press release marketing strategy has the desired effect, companies need to know how to create press releases that quickly attract attention and maximize the brand’s search engine visibility.

Online press releases are different from the more traditional print press releases that were common until more recently. Previously, print press releases underwent a long process that involved a cycle of writing, feedback, editing, and publishing. Businesses also needed to have reliable contacts in the media to have their press releases distributed. Online press releases are much easier to create and distribute, thanks in part to the ubiquity of the internet and several wire services – such as Market Wire, Business Wire, and PRWeb – that specialize in press release distribution and online circulation.

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