Proximity Marketing


Proximity marketing uses wireless technology to distribute local advertising content connected to a specific place or location. Individuals can indicate their willingness to receive transmissions on their mobile or other internet-connected devices when they enter a specific location or area the marketer is targeting. Generally, proximity marketing distributes content to devices that are recognized in a certain location.

There are several technologies that can be used determine a device’s location to distribute marketing content. These include internet-connected GPS-enabled devices, which can request local content from servers, mobile phones that come within a specified cell, and mobile devices connected to Bluetooth or wireless networks that come into a transmitter’s range.

Proximity marketing can also make use of near-field communications (NFC) technology on phones and mobile devices. The most commonly recognized example of NFC technology is Apple Pay, but the capabilities are not limited to payment systems only. A museum or landmark, for example, could use NFC devices to transmit information to visitors, and a retail establishment could use the technology to provide product information by placing devices throughout its store. Geofencing, which sends messages to cellular phones that come within a specific area, is another method of proximity marketing.

With proximity marketing, advertisers can narrow their focus to target certain demographics in a specified area, such as only sending content in a popular tourism destination to devices with registrations that fall outside the local area. Content can also be specific to a certain time, as well as specific location; an example would be sending advertisements to devices at a concert venue when the concert is taking place, or during a convention. The information would be sent depending on events that happen within a certain time-frame.

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