There are a variety of mediums on which brands can advertise, including those that fall under the umbrellas of print, digital, and broadcast. Radio advertising is included in the latter. Brands that market over the radio produce or outsource the production of audio advertisements—also called radio “spots”—that are broadcast by AM, FM, or some satellite stations or digital radio stations and online services like Spotify, Apple Radio, and Pandora. While less common than digital and even print strategies, radio marketing is still used by many companies today. Often, radio spots include catchy phrases or jingles for maximum sticking power.

Benefits of radio advertising include the following:

  • Results of campaigns are easily and quickly measured, especially if ads direct listeners to specific web addresses or call-in numbers. This allows advertisers to swiftly adjust messaging if ads are falling flat.
  • Generally, the lead times for radio ad placement is short, especially in comparison to many well-circulated print publications or popular television stations. A radio ad can go from conception to airtime in as little as three weeks, allowing brands to effectively test messaging on this platform before pursuing more time-consuming mediums.
  • Producing a radio spot is often more cost-effective than trying to deliver the same messaging via television or print.

Even with those benefits, radio advertising is not for every brand. As the options for media exposure increase in this digital age, so does the need for businesses to spend marketing budgets wisely. Businesses selling products or services that clearly must be demonstrated to be appreciated, for example, are not excellent candidates for radio. In addition, radio listeners are often multi-tasking and may be distracted, so brands must be prepared to run radio spots repetitively to achieve the intended exposure.

IMA has featured a few radio services and tools on Martec showcase as well as on our vendor directory here.

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