Struggling With the Mobile Mind Shift of Consumers? Here’s How to Fix It.

Struggling With the Mobile Mind Shift of Consumers? Here’s How to Fix It.


We know smartphone usage is skyrocketing, but new data has shed light on what could be described as marketers’ Achilles heel: how to meet customers’ expectations in this increasingly mobile world. The pain point is that mobile hasn’t simply just changed where consumers are shopping, but it has also changed their collective attitude about what they expect from brands. In a recent report, Forrester dubbed this phenomenon Mobile Mind Shift—and pointed out that many marketers are struggling to meet the challenge.

In short, today’s consumers are researching, evaluating, and purchasing items on mobile, and that’s left them accustomed to finding just what they want, when they want it and where they want it.

Since we know how consumers view mobile, marketing on mobile should be a snap, right? Not so fast. The report’s data points to real problems with marketing on mobile due to a lack of corporate resources and organizational confusion. Many of the companies surveyed reported falling behind on mobile advertising and only 30 percent said they regularly use mobile SEO. Worst of all, they view mobile as a stand-alone channel, which is a big mistake.

Hey, we get it—marketing to meet the mobile mind shift of your target audience is not a simple task, especially when there are so many moving parts. If we break down those parts, though, we can start to find solutions. Consider, for a moment, the value that location plays here: It provides what report author Jennifer Wise calls “immediate context.” That means a consumer’s location should not just be a physical position to marketers, but a contextual factor that can be combined with other data to provide better insight into their needs.

If you are struggling to bridge the mobile mind shift gap, we’ve closely examined the data and provided some additional insight (including a bit about Forrester’s Mobile Mind Shift Index tool and other strategies you’ll find useful) to help your brand better adapt to the new needs of the mobile consumer.

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