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Laura Patterson

President & Founder, VisionEdge

Marketing Focus: I am a B2B Marketer

Expertise: Performance Management Data & Analytics, Market, Product, & Competitive Insights

Email ID :

Laura Patterson is known for her practical, no-nonsense approach to proving and improving the value of marketing. Inventive and engaging, she quickly gets to the heart of the matter to provide actionable recommendations and solutions. Because her 20-year career began in sales and now spans customer relationship management and Marketing with a capital “M”, her recommendations are always cross-functional friendly. Laura is a strategic marketer, data and metrics master. Her company, VisionEdge Marketing has helped hundreds of companies, in a variety of industries, fulfill their marketing potential and achieve competitive advantage. An early pioneer on the science side of marketing, Laura is recognized as one of the leading authorities in marketing measurement and performance, content management, operations, and data and analytics.