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Tim Arnold

CEO, The Arnold Group llc

Marketing Focus: I am a B2B & B2C Marketer

Expertise: Advertising, Brand Strategist

Email ID :

Tim Arnold is a 35-year advertising industry veteran and frequently published writer who runs his own consulting agency, The Arnold Group LLC. His consulting assignments have included a wide range of major and mid-sized advertising agencies. He recently represented the plaintiff as the “marketing expert” in a class action lawsuit against ABInBev, accused of misleading marketing on Beck’s and Kirin beers. Based on his analysis and documentation, the defendant was forced to settle, a landmark decision. Arnold has been responsible for leading major brands’ advertising. His first job was at D’Arcy Advertising, St. Louis, where he ran the Budweiser business for ten years, launching and rolling out the ground-breaking “This Bud’s for You” campaign. He moved to New York 30 years ago and led major brands at J. Walter Thompson (Burger King, Miller); Scali McCabe Sloves (Hertz, Courtyard by Marriott); and DMB&B (worldwide Board of Directors, Director, Global Business Development). He was president at McCann-Amsteryard and a partner at The Ad Store, where he produced the notorious first GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial. His regular column for Adweek magazine was their “most read” column for three years running, according to the editor. He’s also published frequently in AdAge and the Fog City Journal, and currently writes a blog column for the Huffington Post. Two novels he co-wrote with James Patterson, best-selling author, are set to be published early next year. Media appearances include CBS This Morning News and the BBC documentary, “The History of the Blues in America.


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