Marketers can use television as a media tool to market their products or services by paying to air advertisements—or commercials—during programming.

Pros of television marketing strategies include:

  • Commercials appeal to the senses of the viewer and can impact more than other methods of advertising, like those found in newspapers or radio.
  • Television viewers are generally an attentive audience, as they’re more likely to be stationary and therefore receptive to messaging conveyed in commercials.
  • Commercials can reach a large audience in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Television advertisements are often highly creative and designed to be memorable. A great commercial can become the core of a strong marketing campaign eventually extending into other mediums.
  • Direct TV ads, or DRTV, are ads that include a specific call to action – like visiting a website or calling an 800 number to purchase a product. Many consumers who see the ads may never directly contact the company but will make the purchase in a brick and mortar store.

Cons of television marketing strategies include the following:

  • Live-streaming, commercial-free platforms like Netflix and Hulu are becoming increasingly popular, reducing the percentage of viewing audiences who will see a brand’s messaging.
  • Television advertisements are expensive and time-consuming to produce. Besides fine-tuning the message of the commercial, brands must also employ actors, editors, writers, producers, and more. As an alternative to coordinating all this in-house, some brands hire ad agencies. In addition to those associated production costs, brands must then pay for airtime during which their commercials will run. Commercials aired during prime time or highly-televised events are priced higher than others.
  • Commercials are difficult to modify once they’re completed. With other forms of advertising like digital, radio, and SEM, messaging that’s underperforming can often be updated mid-campaign. If a television commercial falls flat, there are fewer options to recover the investment.
  • Direct TV ads, or DRTV, are adds that include a specific call to action – like visiting a website or calling an 800 number to purchase a product.

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