Three Tips for Creating a Seamless Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Three Tips for Creating a Seamless Multichannel Marketing Strategy

In today’s digital-focused marketplace, chief marketing officers should work to ensure that their companies offer seamless multichannel experiences. That means that consumers should find consistent brand messages across platforms. Yet, 23 percent of companies say they don’t have the time or money to develop and implement a multichannel marketing strategy.

CMOs who develop seamless experiences do a better job of catering to their customers — 72 percent of whom prefer multichannel marketing — and see an increase in sales. Seventy-four percent of companies that use multichannel strategies report sales growth because of them. There are a few strategies any CMO can implement to start or improve their multichannel marketing plans.

For CMOs who strive for multichannel marketing success, creating a seamless strategy can seem time-consuming, but it can be done. Here are a few ways to more easily and effectively develop a seamless multichannel marketing strategy:

1. Home in on your core message and differentiators.

Consumers are inundated with so much noise and so many competing messages in the marketplace that brands must find a way to stand out. Your basic message must be thoroughly thought-out and polished before you can translate it to different channels. You also need to be very clear about what makes you different from your competitors so that you can take advantage of those differences and stand out in the crowd. Once you have defined your core message and differentiators, you can create a strategy tailored to different platforms.

2. Streamline your marketing resources.

You can save money and time and avoid isolated messaging by hiring one agency to handle all your marketing needs or ensuring that every member of your team is on the same page when it comes to branding and messaging. Every radio ad, TV spot, and social media post should be part of the same overarching strategy. If a CMO recruits one agency to work on video messaging and outsources social media to a freelancer, it’s unlikely that the content will feel consistent without a constant and steady flow of communication among all of those working on the brand.

3. Focus on the user experience.

The user experience is a strategy in and of itself. Start with an audit of all your digital channels. Make sure your website is responsive and your brand is represented consistently.

When implementing new campaigns, consider how they will be represented on different platforms. Think of how consumers will interact with each platform and touchpoint your company has available. Copy should be short because most users will see it on their mobile phones. Make sure the calls to action are clear and simple, as users’ time is limited and valuable. Personalize the message according to data you have collected or purchased. Gather information about your customers’ purchase behavior, demographic data, and other preferences, then build your strategy on the basis of that data.

Ensure that the digital platforms you engage with are not only user-friendly, but also a cohesive part of the user experience your brand is presenting.

Multichannel marketing is more vital than ever as digital marketing and new platforms are becoming baseline expectations for many consumers. These three recommendations will help your company create a seamless multichannel experience in no time.

Have you found success with your multichannel marketing strategy — or have you learned from a previous experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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