Total Cost of Owning a Marketing Automation Platform

Total Cost of Owning a Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing automation platforms (MAP) are a useful and effective tool for generating demand for your products and services as well as quality leads. However, many businesses often rush into the adoption of a marketing automation platform without fully understanding the resources required to implement and manage such an application. Our new study—Marketing Automation Platforms: Total Cost of Ownership Study—takes an in-depth look at the real cost of purchasing and owning a marketing automation platform. Let’s explore some of the highlights of this detailed study.


We started the study by asking professionals about the use of third-party vendors to help implement MAP. A number of companies hire outside vendors to help with the adoption of a MAP. When I worked at Eloqua (now Oracle), companies that hired a third-party vendor to implement MAP actually adopted more of the technologies capabilities and had a higher return on investment.

Integration and Data 

To get the most detailed information, this study polled various professionals from multiple industries on when they purchased and how they use their marketing automation platform, and polled them on how their marketing automation platforms interacted with their customer relationship management (CRM) technology. We were interested in seeing how this interaction/integration affects total cost of ownership. We also asked how much data was being used in their MAP programs to see if the amount of data being used across sales and marketing impacted costs.

Martech Displacement

For a company to maximize the effectiveness of a marketing automation platform, it’s important to know how the technology will mesh with their existing CRM and other third-party technologies. To calculate true cost of MAP, we had to get an idea of how many third-party martech solutions were being displaced by marketing automation platforms. Applications like landing page tools, web analytic solutions, disparate email platforms, as well as social media tools.

Actual Cost 

Purchasing a marketing automation platform is a major investment for companies of all sizes. With so many variables included in the purchase, implementation, management, and resources required to manage such a complex platform, knowing the actual cost of said purchase is crucial.  Marketing Automation Platforms: Total Cost of Ownership Study, includes a detailed breakdown of actual costs associated with purchasing and maintaining a marketing automation platform. From MAP costs (initial purchase), to managed service providers, to technology integration costs, this study gives companies the knowledge to make the best purchase that will help maximize profits.


Marketing automation platforms are complex, intricate pieces of technology. It’s imperative for a business to account for the cost of correctly staffing a platform. This study polled industry professionals on how much staffing a platform actually costs, and shows a breakdown of how the staff should be utilized. Lead nurturing programs, marketing touches, MAP strategists, and MAP directors are all accounted for in the study.

The Takeaway 

Marketing automation platforms have the potential to maximize profits and cut marketing costs—but only if you first understand the actual cost of purchasing and maintaining said platform. In this study, companies will find the detailed information they need to make an informed decision. This study also includes a cost analysis—by the numbers—for businesses that want to see the best ways to invest in a marketing automation platform. If you or your business is considering purchasing a marketing automation platform, first, read Marketing Automation Platforms: Total Cost of Ownership. You won’t want to decide without the information in this report. Download today!

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    September 21, 2017

    Choosing the right platform is certainly a big challenge, but when you think about hiring a specialist to use the platform the cost goes up. I don’t think we’d do it on our small team, but we’d definitely go for some kind of workshops with marketing automation. We’re currently debating which one is the right one for us. Hubspot might be too much, Getresponse looks like a good fit for small business needs… what do you think?


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