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Word of mouth marketing also called word of mouth advertising is known as evangelism marketing in some industry circles. In contrast with the natural concept of word of mouth, word of mouth marketing is a strategy in which businesses proactively encourage the spread of a marketing message or campaign through many different methods, including providing customer rewards for those who talk about their products and designating loyal customers as word of mouth agents for the company.

Word of mouth is a unique approach to marketing, and one that comes with risk since companies cannot control it as effectively as other marketing techniques. However, businesses can manage their word of mouth marketing strategy to some degree by taking several different general approaches.

Seeding is one approach to word of mouth marketing. With this technique, marketers select certain customers and provide them with samples of the brand’s products or services in exchange for the customers’ review of the products through social media and other online venues. This approach is similar in many ways to influencer marketing. A company might select a popular blogger, for example, whose blog content relates to the product, and offer the blogger a sample of the product in exchange for a review posted on their blog.

Another form of word of mouth marketing is generating marketing buzz. Viral marketing campaigns employ this tactic by encouraging social media users and consumers in other online venues to share positive reviews and information about a product. How do marketers generate buzz? There are a number of ways to do this including releasing photo stills, or the trailer for a highly anticipated movie on social media; or posting a closely connected series of Tweets that provide “teaser” information about a new product or service from a popular brand or organization.

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