Thanks to the internet there has been an explosion in the number of marketing technologies (MarTech) designed to help marketing and sales professionals be more effective or efficient. To help you navigate through the martech landscape we have started to categorize each technology with brief descriptions and interviews the people behind the company as well as an online demonstration of the technology itself.  This will allow IMA members and visitors to watch as many online demos as they like without having to schedule calls with each vendor and be tossed into several drip and call center campaigns.

Are you a MarTech Vendor?

If you are interested in being part of MarTech Showcase please email Shawn Elledge for more details.

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  • EveryoneSocial


    EveryoneSocial provides a social selling & employee advocacy platform designed to help employees become powerful marketers, sellers, and recruiters. Our customers are generally B2B companies spanning a few hundred to 10,000+ employees in high-tech, telecommunications, financial and professional services, staffing, and commercial real estate. Yet, many other industries also benefit from EveryoneSocial.

  • MakesBridge


    Makesbridge is a unique marketing automation because it offers a rare combination of enterprise–grade mass email, b2b sales automation, and sales automation platform for both b2b and b2c companies. The application is used by thousands of companies around the globe. The application is rated 4.9 out of 5 Stars by Salesforce users...

  • ZenProspect


    ZenProspect is a complete prospecting solution enabling marketing leaders to drive more pipeline, MQLs, and qualified opportunities through next-generation targeting and our predictive algorithm. With a 95% accurate database built on real-time automatic data updates reflected in marketing automation and CRM, lead routing, and data cleansing, ZenProspect allows customers to drive engagement with their whole TAM and ICP.

  • Openprise


    Openprise is a Data Orchestration Platform that solves the “garbage-in/garbage-out” problem for data-driven marketing and sales teams. Openprise automates critical data management processes including data onboarding, cleansing, enrichment, and unification across systems. Openprise is designed from the ground up for CRM, so it has the business rules, best practices, and data built right in, and it seamlessly integrates with solutions like Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Desk, and Salesforce, so you’re up and running fast.